MOps Talent for Your Next-Gen MarTech Stack

A full-service team to integrate and optimize tools and platforms

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Leverage 2X for MarTech and Data Management

You need more capacity and capability to get the most out of your MarTech on a day-to-day basis. <br /> 2X’s marketing-as-a-service (MaaS) model offers:

Certified MOps talent with proficiency and expertise in a wide range of MarTech tools and platforms

Partnership status with 6sense, Bombora, Drift, Marketo, Salesforce, and others to ensure access to latest training and industry best practices

A sustainable economic model that enables you to hire a full-time MarTech managed services team with the bandwidth to constantly build, iterate, and optimize your campaigns on a day-to-day basis

Key Delivery Areas

MarTech Optimization

Platforms integrations, automated workflow implementation, tracking pixels implementation, data integration and orchestration

MOps Support

Process-guided tasks within marketing automation platforms, webinar platforms, CMS, and partner or customer management portals

Data Management

Expansion, enrichment, segmentation, and maintenance of database, contact scouting, IP deanonymization

Campaign Workflows

Intent keyword and buying stage tracking, lead scoring and routing, opportunity and pipeline tracking, buyer journey automation, workflow build and customization

Analytics Reporting & Research

ABM research, campaign reporting and analysis, dashboard creation and visualization, SEO progress reports, lead-to-revenue analysis, impact articulation

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