Drive Growth with ABM Campaigns at Scale

New-age marketing expertise with multi-channel execution capacity

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Leverage 2X for Campaign Planning and Execution

It’s not about running more campaigns. It’s about running better campaigns that capture real demand and drive revenue growth. 2X’s marketing-as-a-service (MaaS) model offers:

A dedicated Campaigns team well versed in intent-driven marketing tactics, with certifications in 6sense, Bombora, Marketo, Salesforce, HubSpot, Drift, and more

Agency capacity for ABM campaign planning and execution at scale

A sustainable economic model that enables you to hire a full-time MarOps team that includes writers, data analysts, conversion rate specialists, and more

Key Delivery Areas

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Campaign Planning & Management

Tactic recommendations and timeline management for single and multi-channel ABM (6sense, LinkedIn, Google, email, events, etc.)

Campaign Build & Staging

Content creation and atomization, best-practice email and landing page build, list segmentation, tracking setup and workflows, and launch scheduling

Multi-Channel Campaign Execution

Execution support for digital advertising, paid social, email, SEO, SEM, content syndication, nurture, and sales automation

Campaign Optimization & Performance Analysis

Weekly performance reporting, continuous campaign optimization, heatmap analysis, bidding strategy tweaks, A/B testing and tracking, and data analysis

Intent-Driven Marketing

Intent signal tracking, database segmentation, intent messaging creation, engagement scoring and reporting, and new-age BDR collaboration

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